Training Night
By Columbia Borough Fire Department Station 80
August 16, 2022

Last evening was company training night. Training was conducted at a house that the fire department was given permission to train on by the borough. During training we covered three different scenarios. First scenario was handling advancement with our 200’ bumper line from the engine to a simulated second floor fire. The second scenario. Was a vent, enter, and search scenario where members practiced climbing a 16’ roof ladder to second floor window where they entered the window from the ladder and then practiced exiting the second floor from the same ladder. The last scenario was utilizing the aerial ladder from Truck 80 to access the roof with tools and a 14” roof ladder for ventilation. This station also included advancing a roof ladder up a 24” extension ladder to the roof. A little break from the high temperatures finally allowed us to conduct this training in the house we have access to.